• [Testimony] Oageng Lephagole 2018

    My sobriety, My Victory!
    Student, currently volunteering at the Ministry in 2019


    My name is Oageng and am a soldier of Jesus Christ!.
    I am more than a conqueror in Christ!.

    A year or so back I would have said my name is Oageng and am a addict!.

    For ten years I was an addict and a 26 gang member!. I served the devil with every part of me!. I chased the high every single day!. I have robbed people, I have hurt people and I have caused the deaths of people in my pursuit of a high!.

    I have been in multiple rehabilitation programs’ I have been in prisons’ I have danced with the devil without even knowing it!.

    I have pushed my family and loved ones away because I didn’t feel worthy of their love.. I have lost my friends to active addiction and crime life!. I have been stabbed and shot at but God had an appointment with me so he saved me every time!. I can’t take any credit for where and who I am today!. All the glory belongs to God because by myself I’ll always be a nobody but in Christ am not just a somebody, am a royal priesthood, a son of the most high, an heir of his kingship, I am called and chosen!.

    If it wasn’t for My undeniable encounter with God i’d Still be in my gutter!.

    If life was fair I would be dead or in jail!. But God!!!. His grace was sufficient for me!. He loved me even before I loved him and because of his love I stand confidently!. Not confident in myself but confident in Him!.

    God is good, look at me!. Look at me, God is good!.

    He is now employed as a General Manager of Mac Mac Forest Retreat