• [Testimony] Faruk Bernard 2018

    Hi my name is Faruk Bernard and Im a recovering drug addict.
    I was addicted to khat for almost 3 years.at first I was the most selfish person I only thought of myself.My addiction started of slow using it only as a party drug but it got worse i started using it during working hours nd my work started suffering under it but I got more hours out while i was on drugs but most of my jobs that i did came came.So I tried leaving it in my own coz what went through my head was I’m the one that got me in this mess so i will get myself out, but i was wrong.

    I was clean for about 3 months then I relapsed and this time it was worse. I then realized after i almost lost everything that i need help and i spoke to my boss and my parents and they helped me to get into a rehabilitation facility (Bread of Life) and when i got there everyone is talking about God which i dont know.

    I thought that if i could play the whole thing about God nd how I’m saved nd things I will be fine and go out soon,but little did i know that it was God’s plan to het me there and allow me to see what he is capable of.

    I played it for about 1 and a half month untill i got my first meeting with Our saviour so I decided to try this God thing.

    I realized that with God by my side i can do everything as the time went and my relationship with God got better i saw what type of person i could be cause God took out my stubborn stony heart and he gave me a tender responsive heart.I dont thing abkut myself any more i thing more of the next person because God helped me and i would like to help other people so they can also see how mighty My God is.

    My God help me over come the biggest Goliath in my life and he showed me that i could also be loved.
    I give all the honor and praise to God because he is the reason I am still alive today.

    Jeremiah 29 vers 11 “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

    May the Lord help you who is reading this testimony

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